Bla Bla Kids

"Delight and inspire children..."

An older NetSuite site with distinctive look, uses our mobile bundle for handheld use instead of a responsive design. The header has all the normal elements, plus a custom dropdown navigation. Home page contains a top animation and lots of custom cells, ending with their Instagram feed.

The item list page has all the action. The item images playfully animate on-hover, contain optional promotional elements and lead to a Quick View popup, which replaces the item detail page. On the Quick View, you have all the elements of the item detail page plus our unique Faux Matrix items. In this case, individual items of different sizes are shown and a matrix item display is simulated. But they are actually individual items. Selection is easy and clear, as is adding to the cart with gift wrapping.

Since this is not a responsive site, it uses the older NetSuite cart and checkout, but heavily customized with our styling and shipping methods calculations. (Can't ship a giant doll to certain countries, etc.)

One of their neatest features is the Wholesale multi-site. It allows their dealers to view upcoming items, and purchase within a dense list, that has optional popups and other info retail customers don't need. If you sell wholesale, call for login if you want to see it in action.

Wuebben Design Customizations Used

  • Site-wide / Header Customizations
  • Global Site Search in Header
  • Custom Dropdown Navigation
  • Customizable Mini-Cart
  • Login / Logout Links
  • Unique Cart Item / Total
  • Homepage Animations
  • Homepage Multiple Featured Items Sliders
  • Site-wide Wholesale Users
  • Category & Item List Layouts
  • "Quick View" Pop-up
  • Promotional Icons
  • Items Added Pop-Up Box
  • Customized Pricing Display
  • Display Over 50 Items
  • Use Inventory "Locations"
  • Thumbnail animation on hover
  • Multiple Add-To-Cart
  • Item Detail Customizations
  • Sale Pricing (with $ or % savings)
  • Matrix Selection Swaps Images / Specs
  • Matrix Selection Disables Invalid Options
  • "Faux-Matrix" Items