Latest Cart and Checkout - Installation & Customization

NetSuite SiteBuilder has a basic cart and checkout turned on by default. There are limited customization possibilities and it is not responsive, so it is a good idea to upgrade. Fortunately, NetSuite offers a free download of the same cart /checkout / customer center that SCA uses, though modifies for use with SiteBuilder. This bundle has near feature parity with SCA, is responsive, has more customization options; but it needs a few hours to install, add to your site, & customize to your exact needs.

If you want to stay with the standard cart and checkout there are few things we can do (see below). If you want your handheld users to more easily checkout and view your customer center, have us install, and customize, the latest SCA for SiteBuilder. Give us a call. From USA call: 302.304.8404.

Standard SiteBuilder Cart and Checkout

SiteBuilder's Cart and Checkout does allow for basic modification of the text and columns displayed. In order to make the cart and checkout look reasonable, the look needs to be updated using CSS. It has few features that have yet to be added to SCA for SiteBuilder Cart/Checkout: optionally displaying the shipping options (and pricing) on the shopping cart, displaying related/upsale items on the cart, easily adding custom transaction body fields and... well, that's about it.

We've come up with a few customizations of our own that can be added to the standard checkout. Along with our styling techniques the most requested has been custom code to adjust the shipping options displayed based on what is in the cart; adding tool tips to the shipping methods; hiding custom transaction body fields, , and more. If you need to stay with the standard checkout, but need a little more, give us a call.

SCA Cart / Checkout for SiteBuilder

NetSuite has spent years developing and improving upon their latest cart / checkout / customer center. For SiteBuilder, they offer it as a free bundle. The current version** is excellent with all sizes of screens –- from desktops to mobile handhelds -- and is designed to allow for easier updating in the future. It is controlled via hundreds of modules of text, JavaScript files, and server pages. All text is customizable via an external file. Item cells are modifiable and can be added to with standard or custom item record fields. The checkout can be organized into multi-page or single-page checkout.

This latest cart and checkout is customized by "extending" the module that needs modification. Then the whole set of files is compressed and uploaded at once into NetSuite via a terminal session using GULP. This customization ability comes with a cost: some of the features of the standard checkout are not available, custom transaction body fields are not automatically added , and the footer and wrapper of your site is not included by default. All these need to be installed manually. But the customization-ability more than makes up for these few limitations. If you just want to have the latest checkout installed right, give us a call.

Beyond typical installation and basic customization, the most popular customizations we have been asked to install include the following:

  • Creating a heavily customized, checkout-directed, header only for checkout pages.
  • Matrix child item images displayed instead of parent image; red jacket shows a red jacket!
  • Use external images instead of NetSuite internal images. (cloudinary)
  • Modify the shipping method display in order of price, plus our Shipping Tool Tips!
  • Upon login from the site, return to the website page instead of the Customer Center.

** The previous version of NetSuite expanded cart / checkout for SiteBuilder bundle was called Reference Checkout. Version 2.03 was the first we could recommend for use in SiteBuilder websites. Version 2.05 was the last version of Reference Checkout to be made available (August 2015). RC is customized by changing the templates and uploading those to the appropriate folder in Live Hosting Files.

In August 2016 NetSuite changed all that with SCA for SiteBuilder (Vinson). It is customized by "extending" the modules and uploading them using GULP via a terminal session. The current version is SiteBuilder Extensions Elbrus (22 Feb 2017)

SCA for SiteBuilder Customer Center

One of the best features of SCA for SiteBuilder is the My Account pages (Customer Center). It is fully responsive, and allows your customers to easily check previous orders, get tracking numbers and submit a case for customer service.

It comes as part of the same bundle and is installed automatically. The only customization needed is to add your sites footer and wrapper, NetSuite takes care of the rest.

View Our NetSuite SiteBuilder Portfolio

Since 2004 we've been building world-class websites for NetSuite SiteBuilder users – adding unique styling and customizations. View our portfolio to see for your self.

  • Site-wide / Header Customizations
  • Global Site Search in Header
  • Custom Dropdown Navigation
  • Customizable Mini-Cart
  • NetSuite Left Links Customized
  • Login / Logout Links
  • Unique Cart Item / Total
  • Quick Order with Item ID
  • Reorder Lists
  • Site-wide Compare Items
  • Homepage Animations
  • Site-wide Wholesale Users
  • Cart Shows Matrix Option Thumbnail
  • Category & Item List Layouts
  • Responsive Cells *
  • "Quick View" Pop-up
  • Promotional Icons
  • Color Swatches for Matrix Items
  • Unique Filtering/Facets **
  • Group by Item Groups
  • Items Added Pop-Up Box
  • Customized Pricing Display
  • Display Over 50 Items
  • Use Inventory "Locations"
  • Thumbnail animation on hover
  • Multiple Add-To-Cart
  • Shop By Brand
  • Item Detail Customizations
  • Add-To-Cart Header on Scroll
  • Display morphs based upon...
  • Multiple Item Images with Zoom
  • Sale Pricing (with $ or % savings)
  • Matrix Selection Swaps Images / Specs
  • Matrix Selection Disables Invalid Options
  • Select Color Options via Thumbnail
  • Specifications from Custom Item Fields
  • Tabs for Overview, Reviews, Specs, etc.
  • Links to Item's Other Categories
  • Add Multiple Additional Options To Cart
  • "Faux-Matrix" Items
  • Link to PDF downloads

*Responsive Cells: We create responsive item list cells completely differently than anyone else. The cells expand horizontally until an additional cell can be added. It is graceful and barely noticeable. Our cells also expand vertically, meaning you can have different amounts of information in each cell, yet ALL the cells in any given row are all the same height. Finally, our method encourages two cells per row on handhelds in portrait mode, instead of everyone else's single cell per row. Makes shopping easier. And best of all they still use normal NetSuite SiteBuilder templates and layouts. Check them out; our responsive item list cells are fantastic!

**Unique Filtering/Facets Our filters work on the item list or category list level. Items displayed can be filtered by any custom item field, or by price range. Unlike every other filtering system you've seen, our system updates content immediately, without additional server requests. Every category is maintained the standard NetSuite method you currently use: it's just now you have filters/facets. Totally responsive – working great on handhelds! All data stays internal to NetSuite so your business data is secure and under your control - always - with NO EXTRA MONTHLY FEES. (All the data is pre-rendered via daily scripts.) In handheld mode the filters display like a typical 'hamburger' navigation.


We can make NetSuite SiteBuilder websites be fully responsive, yet be internal to NetSuite using the normal layouts and templates.



We can customize your NetSuite SiteBuilder templates to add ANYTHING you can need. Unique, effective and easy to maintain.



Want a more customized Shopping Cart and Checkout? Let us install NetSuite's latest & your handheld users can purchase with ease.