Gallaway Safety & Supply

Industial Safety Supplies

Moving to NetSuite from an external site, their customization needs were simple. The header contains a large search box, our Mini Cart, and a very dense, custom dropdown navigation replacing NetSuite's left navigation. The item list uses our unique responsive cells so the rows line up perfectly. The item detail page contains all the data the customer needs to make a purchase decision. The stock message has been customized to appear differently based on specific circumstances. And a popup message appears when an item is added to the cart, no matter how far down the page has scrolled.

The shopping cart, checkout and customer center uses NetSuites SiteBuilder Extensions bundle (Vinson) with a few customizations.

Wuebben Design Customizations Used

  • Site-wide / Header Customizations
  • Global Site Search in Header
  • Custom Dropdown Navigation
  • Customizable Mini-Cart
  • Login / Logout Links
  • Unique Cart Item / Total
  • Reorder Lists
  • Homepage Animations
  • Homepage Multiple Featured Items Sliders
  • Category & Item List Layouts
  • Responsive Cells *
  • Items Added Pop-Up Box
  • Customized Pricing Display
  • Shop By Brand
  • Shop By Color
  • Kit Items On-the-fly
  • Item Detail Customizations
  • Add-To-Cart Header on Scroll
  • Display morphs based upon...
  • Sale Pricing (with $ or % savings)
  • Specifications from Custom Item Fields
*Responsive Cells: We create responsive item list cells completely differently than anyone else. The cells expand horizontally until an additional cell can be added. It is graceful and barely noticeable. Our cells also expand vertically, meaning you can have different amounts of information in each cell, yet ALL the cells in any given row are all the same height. Finally, our method encourages two cells per row on handhelds in portrait mode, instead of everyone else's single cell per row. Makes shopping easier. And best of all they still use normal NetSuite SiteBuilder templates and layouts. Check them out; our responsive item list cells are fantastic!