NetSuite Web Site - How to Get Started

This page provides you with what you need to know to best take advantage of MVL's NetSuite web site services. (To see our complete story visit our NetSuite web site information and our NetSuite web site portfolio pages.)

Once you have decided to use MVL Design to build your NetSuite web site there are a few things you need to do to get in our work queue and a few more things that need to be done before we can start work coding the actual themes, layouts, templates, style sheets, JavaScripts, etc.

Normally we have few weeks waiting list. That will be just the time you need to get your look & feel mock-ups made and your items and content into NetSuite.

Contact MVL Design by calling at 302.304.8404. Click to call MVL Design at 302.304.8404 Or email at the address below and let us know when would be a good time to connect. Much of the information we discuss over the phone is on this page.

Decide to use MVL Design

First is to decide to use us for your NetSuite web site. The information on this site will help you make an informed decision, however please feel free to give us a call to discuss your needs.

A few things set us apart:

1 - We KNOW NetSuite ...which means we can do practically anything for your web site.

2 - Everything we create is made to be easily maintained and updated.

3 - You are not expected or encouraged to sign a monthly maintenance agreement.

4 - All work is done in our California offices by the same person you speak with on the phone.

5 - We supply screenshot videos to walk you through how to update the web site we build for you.

If you want the best, want to be in control of your site, want additional customizations, you want to get in our work queue.

Getting into our queue

There are always a few companies lined up waiting for us to build their NetSuite web site. Getting into our work queue is simple: just call or email with your billing information. We use an outside company (NAMA) to handle all invoicing. The invoices come as a PDF via email.

Call or email with the following information: Business Name, Contact Name and Title, Address, Contact Phone number and emails that you want the invoices sent to. You will be immediately penciled next in line in our work queue.

If we've yet to speak about your NetSuite project provide a time when best to connect so we can go over your project in detail.

Pay the deposit and you're place in line will be secure.

Before we start

Before we start the actual work a few things will be needed.

1 - Look and feel mock-ups: START NOW. If you are working with a graphic designer to create the look for your web site now would be the time to get them started. Our videos will help with ideas. What exactly we will need from them partially depends on the design of the site. If you can, get mock-ups for the following types of pages: Home page, Category List page, Item List page, Item Detail page and Information Items page. If you have a current site that we are moving over into NetSuite, mock-ups may not be necessary.

2 - Get a test domain name and set it up for use in NetSuite. If you have a current web site domain name then it is best to reserve another name we can use for creating and testing the site. Go to GoDaddy and get something like Then in the Total DNS set the CNAME for www to point to (click image on the right to see what to do)

Then in NetSuite go to the Web Site > Domains and create the needed domain. Set that test domain as the Primary Web Site URL. Now we can create and test the site, including setting URL Components. We'll 'tell' Google not to index this site until you are ready to go live.

3 - Keep us involved. Once your designer has started, it is a good idea to show us an initial mock-up or even have us meet with your designer. This way we can make sure everything is being covered.

4 - Set up all the Tabs and Categories in NetSuite. Don't forget to add content as needed AND turn on Descriptive URLs.

5 - Set up at least one of each type of item in NetSuite. If you are going to have 1000s of items and do not plan to have all the items in NetSuite before we start then at least have a few items set up. If you have different types of items that will need to have custom template work then create at least one of each type of item.

4 - Send us the final mock-ups. Once the mock-ups are done, in most cases we would like to get them as 100% quality JEPG images at the actual size of the web site. If there are image backgrounds then we'll also need copies of the same but without text. Ideally we'd also like to get the color values (in Hex, please) for all fonts, borders and colored boxes as well as the size and font-family of the fonts.

5 - Set up a NetSuite account for us to use. In most cases setting the account to Full Access or Administrator role will give us all we need to do anything you need. Contact us for the email address to use for the account access.

Once we begin with your NetSuite coding

Once we start creating the code for the themes, layouts and templates things will start looking good quickly. It's a good idea to be available as things will come up that we'll need to discuss.

We will most likely be sending you screenshot videos to walk you through one thing or another that needs to be done. The video files are large so we use our .mac account to serve the videos as zip files. You download them via your web broswer. You'll need VLC, QuickTime or iTunes (or similar) to play them back.

Eventually, we will go live with your actual domain name and the domain name changes done to your test site will need to happen to your real domain name. Since you've went through the process once before, going live with your real site will be easy.

Once the site is live and running smoothly we will send you a DVD that has all the HTML files, clearly organized, and all the videos we have made just for your site showing how to add items and categories and how to make simple changes.

Contact MVL Design by calling at 302.304.8404. Click to call MVL Design at 302.304.8404