NetSuite Tips and Videos

We've been building NetSuite web sites for years and can help you with any NetSuite web site project. This page provides a set of videos and web pages that provide tips on using NetSuite and more on MVL's NetSuite web site customizations that need to be seen to be better understood.

To allow for viewing in a web browser over the Internet the following videos are at 25% the size of the videos we normally provide but still present the desired ideas. These screenshot videos are made using Snaps Pro X and are in MPEG-4 H264 codec. Special versions for iPhone/iPod Touch and cell phones (3gp) display as needed. You will need to have QuickTime, or other MPEG-4 player, on the computer you will use to watch our videos.

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MVL NetSuite Customizations

MVL's NetSuite web site customizations that need to be seen to be better understood.

Custom Searches - Custom searches are a great way for your customers to find exactly what they need. We can take them one step further. Watch NetSuite Custom Searches (4.8 MB • 4:34 minutes)

Item Detail Page - The item detail page is where you can provide your customers with the most information about a specific product. Make that page-view count by providing all that is needed to make the sale. To give you a few ideas of what is possible here are some of the more simple customizations we've done. Watch NetSuite Item Detail Page (36.0 MB • 14:31 minutes)

Item Detail - Part 2 - This video goes over a few of the more advanced templates we've developed. These item detail templates add multiple items to the cart at the same time, configure a "kit" on-the-fly, add related set-up and run charges, and much more. Watch NetSuite Item Detail Page - Part 2 (30.0 MB • 13:10 minutes)

Alternative and Extra Large Image Views - Alternative images views or extra large image views for the Item Detail page are available within NetSuite by using custom item tags and custom programming. Watch Alternative and Extra Large Image Views (20.0 MB • 6:27 minutes)

NetSuite Left and Top Navigation - Navigation through a web site is an very important part of what makes your web site successful. Watch NetSuite Web Site Navigation (38.5 MB • 9:08 minutes)

Home Page Image Fading - Sometimes on the home page you would like to provide more messages than will fit on the page. Delivering a slightly different message over time is one way to get multiple messages across. Here is our technique that does not use Flash. Watch Home Page Image Fading (8.4 MB • 4:01 minutes)

Wholesale Users Customization - Often you want your NetSuite web site to be used by two, or more, different groups of users: each with different pricing and possibly different design elements or categories. This video shows how I set this up for one company and includes a good sample of custom features that are possible. Watch Wholesale Users Customization (15.9 MB • 11:18 minutes)

NetSuite Web Site Tips

MVL Design has been building custom NetSuite web sites for years. Here are a few tips to help you get more out of NetSuite.

Browser Recommendations - Any browser can connect to NetSuite but one is most ideal for using NetSuite themes, layouts, templates and filling in item information. Watch Browser Recommendations Part One (8.3 MB • 2:53 minutes)

Browser Recommendations Part 2 - More about web site browsers as related to using NetSuite to maintain your web site. Watch Browser Recommendations Part Two (8.0 MB • 3:39 minutes)

URL Components and SEO - Three things that you can do within NetSuite setup to help with search engine optimization. NetSuite handles one automatically, one with a button push and the third needs a template change. Watch URL Components and SEO (24.4 MB • 8:24 minutes)

Changing a Live Site Template - How to avoid making mistakes when changing your live site and how to recover quickly (we're talking 2 or 3 seconds) if an error has been made. Watch Changing a Live Site Template (9.3 MB • 3:08 minutes)

Advanced Site Customization: How to Tell - Quick tip how to tell if you have NetSuite Advanced Site Customization.


Screenshot Videos Normally Provided

When we build a NetSuite web site we provide screenshot videos to walk you through how to use the web site we've created for you. We cover how to make normal updates and changes to your site as well as how the unique customizations we've made for you work. This way you'll be able to manage your NetSuite web site yourself using TextEdit, Notepad or any version of Dreamweaver. (Do not use FrontPage or Word, please)

The screenshot videos we provide are made using Snaps Pro X and are in Apple Animation codec. You will need to have QuickTime on the computer you will use to watch our videos. You can get QuickTime for a Mac or PC at or by downloading iTunes at


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