My Orders bundle for NetSuite

Mini Cart bundle for NetSuite

My Orders by MVL Web Tech / MVL Design is a NetSuite customer center replacement / supplement. It displays sales orders in an Amazon-like layout. Your customers can see a single sales order or their entire sales history. They can get tracking numbers, order status and even reorder items. It is much simpler, clearer and easier to use than the normal NetSuite Customer Center (My Account page). For most uses, it can completely replace it!. It gives customers another reason for visiting your website.

Introducing My Orders bundle for NetSuite.

The bundle includes all the code to allow for an information item to be created that is a single, simple page where your users can go to: see previous orders, check tracking numbers and shipping dates, and reorder items quickly.

One bundled item can work on multiple NetSuite multi-sites. For large orders, the list of items only displays when requested via a button click. Really cool and very useful those those who sell wholesale as such large orders can sometimes have up to 100 items and multiple tracking numbers.

There are three ways the page can be used. If a person is logged in and visits the page, up to their last 30 orders are displayed. If they are not logged in they have the ability to log in right from the page and then their orders display. If they don't have a login, then they can input their Order Number and Order Email to see the one order.

Finally, you can put the order number and email into a URL so when they visit the page, their order is displayed, with them NOT having to login. This is useful for order confirmation & fulfillment emails you send out to your customers: it could have a link they click on that takes them right to the order info! I know tracking numbers and order details can be placed within emails, but wouldn't it be better to have your customers visit your site to get that info? This way you can engage them one more time, and maybe make another sale.

To see the bundle in action visit:

The cost is $400 for the bundle. Optional, professional installation is $100. This is one time payment and all updates to the bundle will incur no additional cost. And since it creates an info item template, one license allows you to use it across all the NetSuite multi-sites assigned to your NetSuite account.

To learn more about the bundle and to order, visit the My Orders page.

A popular feature of e-commerce sites these days is a miniature version of the cart that displays on-hover. With Secure Server Pages NetSuite has made building a mini cart much easier. But for the NetSuite site owner who is not a 'coder', doing so can be daunting.

Introducing Mini Cart bundle for NetSuite.

Mini Cart by MVL Web Tech / MVL Design is a NetSuite web site feature addition. It displays the current items in the cart on any page in a miniature format.

There are four views from which you can easily choose. Allow removing an item, editing the quantity, or just show a simple version. It's set up as a Custom Tag so you can easily add content and links above and below the display.

To learn more about the bundle and to order, visit the Mini Cart page.

MWT Mobile for NetSuite

MWT Mobile creates a single page in your website that contains your entire NetSuite ecommerce site but organized for a touch-based handheld and behaves just like a native iPhone app. All within NetSuite and using your current categories and item records! See the overview video below. Coming Fall 2014.